Louisiana: Sheriff Jay Russell bookings for DWI thru Aug. 17, 2012

The following persons were booked into the Sheriff Jay Russell’s Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Jail on charges of DWI:

Robert Seth White, 41, on 8/17/12 at 1:11 am by Sterlington Officer Daniel Smith

Teresa Lynn Thomas, 42, of Monroe, La., on 8/17/12 driving while revoked for DWI by Dep. Don Fields

Andy Andrea Forbito, 26, of Oak Ridge, La., on 8/17/12 at 1:59 am by Dep. Jackie Kindrix

Michael Todd Craig, 26, of West Monroe, La., on 8/17/12 at 1:56 am by Trooper John Fleming of the Louisiana State Police

Krystal Sue Florida, 19, of West Monroe, La., on 08/17/12 at 11:05 pm by West Monroe Police Dept. Sgt. C. J. Beck

Derick Anthony Blakslee, 38, on 08/16/12 by Tfc. Michael Richards of the Louisiana State Police

Russell Lee Lighten, 43, on 8/16/12 failed to appear for DWI 2nd interlock req. charge from 6/18/12, by OPSO

Joshua Kyle Humphries, 24, of West Monroe, La., on 8/15/12 5:26 pm by Ouachita Parish Sheriff

Dean Ray Price, 47 of Monroe, La., on 6/16/12

Stoddard Lee Schleuter, 22, of  West Monroe, La.,  on 8/9/12 2nd offense, interlock req. Violation of Probation
Chelsea Solomon, 21, of Bastrop, La., by Louisiana State Police on 8/14/12 at 10:04 pm

Justin Wayne Ferrington, 28, of  Carencro, La.,  DWI 3rd offense, interlock req., ankle bracelet, on 8/14/12 by Dep. Ben A. Stutson at 6:57 pm

Kenneth Bruce McMichael Jr. 48, on 8/12/12 at 7:54 pm by Dep. Rodney Pagans; blew .19 BAC

Timothy James Jeffcoat, 25, of West Monroe, La., on 11/24/11

Brandon Ochea McCall, 26, of Monroe, La., on 4/7/12 failed to appear,  surrendered on 08/11/12