The following persons were arrested for DWI by the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Patrol Officers; St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron:
 Jennifer Lee Boone, 28 of Lexington Park, MD at 2:40 am on 2/14/11 by Dep. Irvin.
 Samantha Lynn Burdette, 27 of Clinton, MD at 9:26 pm on 2/15/11 by Dep. Nielsen.
Robert StanleyWhalen, 47 of Lexington Park, MD at 6:45 pm on 2/18/11 by Cpl. Ross.
Sharon Elizabeth Moore, 48 of Hollywood, MD at 10:24 am on 2/20/11 by Dep. Potter.
 Anthony Agramonte, 47 of Great Mills, MD at 4:19 pm on 2/20/11 by Cpl. Kirkner.

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