Minnesota: Keep Danny Bettcher in jail? Life without parole before he kills? With 27 DUI convictions, Minnesota let this idiot out of jail to kill

Danny Bettcher is betting he will be able to kill you and your family and Minnesota officials are too lame to keep him in prison…

From Duluth News Tribune
NEW YORK MILLS, Minn. – People here know Danny Bettcher for all the wrong reasons.
Many also know the number: He’s had 27 convictions for drinking and driving offenses, believed to be the most ever accrued in the state.
The police who made the arrests remember him. The prosecutors who brought the charges remember him. The local activists trying to curb the behavior he embodies remember him.
On Friday, Bettcher becomes a free man for the first time in more than three years. It’s unclear what he plans to do next – through his attorney, he declined to be interviewed for this story.
But for many, he remains a symbol of the limitations of the state’s ability to keep chronic drunken drivers from getting behind the wheel again.
“He’ll get out, and he’ll just drive again,” said Judy Bradow, a Fergus Falls woman who participates in multiple anti-drunken-driving programs. “He just does his stay, and that’s it, and he’s out.” ….MORE