Nebraska: DUI-Meth banker Mark Dahir scoots out of hospital straight to Crossbar Hotel!

Omaha State Bank Vice President Mark Dahir
UPDATE 5/26/2011:  Meth-Head Banker Pleads Guilty to 7th DUI finds God in jail…

Report: Boozing banker was mentoring a middle school student….and he actually passed a background check…which didn’t check his driving record and his mentoring included driving the student….prosecutor says it ain’t like they were letting Dahir get away with anything!  What is that guy smoking?
Now its off to jail and maybe prison for five years for latest DUI-Meth crash
OMAHA, Neb. —
Officials said the driver suspected of causing a crash earlier this weektested positive for methamphetamine after the crash.  Prosecutors said Mark Dahir manipulated the system to avoid going to prison. In fact, the 36-year old was supposed to be in court this week on another DUI charge…..MORE
Will Bank CEO can his kid?
Dahir is son of the CEO of Omaha State Bank, Michael Dahir, who has worked hard to build a good community bank…but his son, the Vice-President is a dangerous derelict boozing it up and out to kill…will Omaha State Bank can this potential killer or is Big Daddy War-bucks pulling strings again to get Boozing Boy Banker off again, get light treatment, home detention…what do you want to bet the “home” includes a maid and a swimming pool, while other DUI drivers get sent to jail?
Michael Dahir says this on the Omaha Bank website:
“For more than 30 years, Omaha State Bank has been proudly serving the financial needs of our community. We believe you should “Expect Excellence.””
REALLY, MIKE?  How about just ordinary sober and safe driving from the executives of your bank?
“At Omaha State Bank, we offer something that no other bank can – our people.” – Mike Dahir, CEO

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