Nebraska: judge refuses to explain why he let Meth-Head Banker Mark Dahir out of slammer after only 6 months

Is Omaha State Bank holding the note on Judge’s house?


Multiple DUI offender Mark Dahir was transferred from prison to the work release program recently. Dahir’s defense attorney says no favors were called in.Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine wasn’t happy about it, but it was ultimately up to the department of corrections after the sentencing.
Convicted on previous DUI’s, 37-year-old Mark Dahir spent a short time in prison, went through rehab programs, or may have also received probation. His 4th conviction in June brought a sentence by Judge J. Patrick Mullen of 2-3 years in prison. Since his arrest in March, Dahir has spent about 6 months behind bars, which includes 100 days since the sentencing with credit, before being evaluated by the state and transferred to work release. ….MORE

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