New Mexico: retired officer opens new business: Designated Drivers on Demand! Monthly fee gets unlimited rides and vehicle driven home too!

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. Sept. 27, 2012 —A new way to prevent drunken driving is gaining popularity.
Designated Drivers on Demand not only gives you a ride, the service takes your car home, too. The new business comes as the metro area has seen several DWI fatalities this year, including the death of two babies.
A billboard promoting the service just went up along Montano. For $30 a month, participants and their cars get unlimited rides home.
The owner, who is a retired Albuquerque police sergeant, said he already has 700 members ensuring they don’t drink and drive.
“This is my community. This is where I grew up. I have family, I have kids. We all have family, loved ones and kids. If we don’t get ahold of this problem, one of these days someone can hit one of my family members, and I don’t want that,” owner Phil Baca said.  ….MORE
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