New York: Manhattan driver mowed down bycylist and kept on going; cops bang him for DWI

From the New York Post:
The son of a Bernie Madoff pal-turned-victim was charged yesterday with drunkenly mowing down a deliveryman in Midtown, leaving him gravely injured.  “He’s hurt in his head very bad,” victim Ricardo Gonzalez’s brother, José, said from his Bronx home. “They should punish him [the driver who hit Ricardo].”
Lexus driver Clark Gettinger, 40 — whose late father, Robert, lost $13 million in the Madoff Ponzi scheme — struck Gonzalez with so much force Friday night that he was thrown from his bike and skidded 20 feet down slush-soaked Eighth Avenue before ending up beneath a double-parked BMW, cops and witnesses said.    MORE

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