North Carolina: defendant in DWI murder trial was caught drunk driving two years prior to killing two people

From Shelby Star
SHELBY — When police arrived on Broad Street the night of March 25, they found debris scattered down the length of the road.
Items were strewn around the street and into neighboring yards, including a set of keys, a brown boot, plastic car parts and a child’s shoe, the laces still tied.
Shelby Police Officer Jake Zaludek on Wednesday showed jurors in Lucas Rash’s second-degree murder trial the blue striped T-shirt and blue jeans 9-year-old Joshua Jackson was wearing the night he was killed in the hit-and-run.
Curtis Jordan was also killed and Beverly Jackson, Joshua’s mother, was left with a punctured lung and broken arm.
Rash, 25, has been charged with felony hit and run, second-degree murder and felony death by vehicle. Witnesses and police say he smashed into a family walking down Broad Street on their way to pick up their van and didn’t stop. Instead, he continued on to a store a short way down the street.    …..MORE

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