Pennsylvania: Emily Rose Gregg was stopped by police for DUI; her passenger, Michael Lynn Rittle ran from cops and jumped into river to escape…

Emily Rose Gregg DUI Pa 081513
“She goes to jail by herself, I’m outa here”  Michael Rittle opted for the river as his designated driver was nabbed by the cops for DUI
2013-08-15 — A man escaped from police by jumping into the Susquehanna River near Wormleysburg Monday night.

West Shore Regional Police stopped a vehicle for erratic driving along Front Street around 9pm Monday. Police say the driver, Emily Rose Gregg, 26, was obviously intoxicated.

As the officer was arresting Gregg, her passenger, later identified as Michael Lynn Rittle, 38, took off on foot.  Rittle ran to the Susquehanna River and jumped in, eluding officers.

Rittle, who lied when the officer asked his name, is wanted for giving false information to police, fleeing arrest and public drunkenness, according to police.

Meanwhile, Gregg, who is believed to have lived with Rittle in the first block of Miramar Street in Fairview Towns ….Read more: 

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