Pennsylvania: Man racks up 5 DWI’s before he gets to court on first charge, officials never snagged his driver’s license

At 1:30 a.m. July 1, a Carlisle police officer arrested Brian F. Gorham for DUI after seeing Gorham turn left at an intersection where only right turns were allowed.
Gorham was booked and sent back on his way, vehicle and license intact. 
Over the next three months, Gorham was arrested for DUI again not once, not twice, but four more times. Except for brief periods when he was held after each arrest, Gorham was never put behind bars and his license was never taken away. 
The five arrests and citations didn’t stop Gorham from driving, even after his multiple arrests should have made it clear that he was in imminent danger of hurting himself or someone else, and Gorham had two DUIs in eight days in August. ….MORE

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