South Carolina: Warren Brooks is just getting good at drunk driving now up to 6 DUI arrests in one year; proves this state is as dangerous as New York as officials don’t have a clue as what to do

Is it possible that Judges and prosecutors can be so inept as to not have information on prior arrests when this dirtbag is nabbed anew?

A Greenville County man remains free on bond despite six drunken driving arrests in northwestern South Carolina over the past year.
Prosecutors said all of the charges from various law enforcement agencies are considered Warren Brooks’ first offense because none have been resolved in court, so he has no convictions on driving under the influence. He repeatedly posted small bond amounts up to $4,000.
“This is one of the most egregious cases that we’ve seen in a long time,” chief Greenville County prosecutor Walt Wilkins said. “Obviously, he has an issue with alcohol.”
He said local judges are making bond decisions based on the information they have on the current charge. ….MORE

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