Texas: Austin radio host calls police chief from jail and four days later his DWI charge is booted; union prez says it stinks

From The Statesman
The president of the Austin police union said Monday that officers are concerned about the quick dismissal of a popular radio host’s drunken driving charge last week, and he questioned whether certain suspects may be getting preferential treatment by department officials.
Sgt. Wayne Vincent said Monday that he is troubled by the dismissal of a driving while intoxicated charge against KLBJ-AM radio host Jeff Ward last week after top police officials reviewed Ward’s arrest video. After the review, Police Chief Art Acevedo called prosecutors to alert them about possible weaknesses in the case.
“It’s extremely concerning when charges of DWI get dismissed in a day or so,” Vincent said. “The majority of police officers that work here think it just smells bad.”  ….MORE

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