Texas: Buy stock in ignition interlock manufacturers, NTSB says all first offender DWI drivers should be forced to install device

It’s a controversial proposal and one that would affect everyone who gets a D.W.I.
The National Transportation Safety Board is recommending ignition interlock be installed in every D.W.I. offender’s car, not just repeat offenders.
“Absolutely, I think it’s fair. I think it’s completely reasonable,” said Sandra Steadman, who lives in San Antonio.
“It depends on the nature of it,” said Henry Parra, a San Antonio driver.
“I think they should put it. Only because I’ve lost too many friends that have been drinking and tried to get behind the wheel,” said James Longoria, who has a unique perspective.
“I myself got a D.W.I. back in the 80’s… to put the interlock in, I think it would control it period,” said Longoria.
Jamie Balagia, the attorney who calls himself the “D.W.I. Dude,” says ignition interlock is flawed technology. ….MORE
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