Virginia: Lee County Sheriff reports DUI DWI arrests for 2014 and to date April 21, 2015

Sheriff Gary B. Parsons Lee County Virginia

Charles Steven Montgomery Rose Hill, VA 46 D.U.I 1/04/14 T. Jones
Robbie O. Allen Pennington Gap, VA 26 DWI 1/08/14 D. Seals
Justin Ray Green Pennington Gap, VA 27 DUID 1/18/14 C. Rouse
Bernard Lee Leonard Pennington Gap, VA 23 DUI 1/25/14 C. Rouse
Robin Lynn Smith Rose Hill, VA 45 DUID 1/25/14 M. VanHuss
David Dale Morgan Pennington Gap, VA 42 DUID 1/30/14 T. Jones
Randall Lee Dean Dryden, VA 56 DUI 2/7/14 G. Phillips
Angela Michelle Mosley Keokee, VA 40 DUI 2/16/14 C. Rouse
Steven Darrell Haley Ewing, VA 51 Resist Arrest and DUI 2/19/14 P. James
Patricia L Hirsch Cawood, KY 53 DUI 2/21/14 Lt. B. Ellis
Charles Christopher Waddell Pennington Gap, VA 41 DUID 2/22/14 C. Oakley
Michael Eugene Laws Dryden, VA 58 DUID 2/24/14 T. Jones
Glenn Owens, Jr. Ewing,  VA 56 DUI 3/1/14 C. Dillman
Leonard Christopher Shupe Pennington Gap, VA 25 DUI/Driving revoked 3/2/14 C. Rouse
Randall Scott Kluck Duffield, VA 35 DUID 3/9/14 C. Dillman
Shannon Dwayne Owens Keokee, Va 40 DUID & Possession x6 3/16/14 T. Jones
Eliezer O Torres Louisville, KY  39 DUI 3/20/14 C. Rouse
Anthony W. Miles Pennington Gap, VA 40 DUID & Driving Revoked 2nd Offense 3/27/14 C. Dillman
William Jasper Anders Pennington Gap, VA 43 DUI 3/29/14 C. Rouse
Cody Robert Jones Jonesville, VA 18 DUI 4/6/14 T. Jones
Steve Darrell Haley Ewing, VA 51 DWI and Resisting Arrest 4/9/14 A. Fig 
Billie J. Stewart Rose Hill, VA 54 DUI and Driving Revoked 4/12/14 C. Dillman
Ezra Lee Rogers Pennington Gap, VA 35 DUID 5/2/14 J. Coleman
Brandon James Christian Pennington Gap, VA 24 DUI 5/9/14 C. Rouse
Paul Cobert Sumpter Jonesville, VA 56 DUI 5/19/14 P. James
Billy Ray Robbins Cawood, KY 37 DUI 5/24/14 C. Rouse
Michael Cody Robbins Keokee, VA 25 DUI & Drive Suspended 5/25/14 P. James
Stephen Michael Ehrgott Dryden, VA 28 DWI, 2nd offense 6/21/14 G. Phillips
Heather Ann Clark Pennington Gap, VA 39 DUID 6/24/14 T. Jones
Justin Britt Pennington Gap, VA 32 DUID 2nd Offense 7/16/14 C. Rouse
Christy Elaine Woodard Jonesville, VA 31 DUID, Refusal, Reckless Driving and Child Endangerment 8/5/14 T. Jones
Jimmy Carl Dean, Jr. Big Stone Gap, VA 30 DUID and Refusal 8/20/14 D. Seals
Joshua E. Tabor Pennington Gap, VA 26 DUID 8/20/14 T. Jones
Randy Lee Speedwell, TN 53 DUI 8/29/14 D. Seals
Johnny Lee Muse, Jr. Pennington Gap, VA 34 DUID, Eluding, Driving Suspended 8/31/14 C. Rouse
Jerry Franklin Ellis Ewing, VA 54 DUI 2nd Offense, Habitual Offender, Drivers License Suspended 9/16/14 P. James
Johnny Lee Muse, Jr. Pennington Gap, VA 34 DUID, Diving Suspended and Possession of Schedule III 9/20/14 T. Jones
Raymond Lee Calhoun Keokee, VA 44 DWI-D 10/4/14 M. VanHuss
Thomas Jefferson Newman, Jr. Jonesville, VA 35 DUI Refusal 10/5/14 C. Rouse
Terry Wayne Collins Ben Hur, VA 42 DUI 10/10/14 J. Janeway
Richard David Delony II Kingsport, TN 38 DUI 10/11/14 J. Janeway
Gregory Allen Williams Ewing, VA 39 DUI 10/12/14 P. James
Larry E. Jungst Harrogate, TN 59 DUI 10/15/14 J. Janeway
Anthony Wayne Ely Dryden, VA 56 DUI Second Offense and Refusal 10/18/14 B. Combs
Christina Jo Alford Jonesville, VA 36 DUI and Refusal 10/21/14 P. James
Shelia Kristie Ellen Martin Jonesville, VA 34 DUID 10/28/14 L. Dotson
Katasha Biggs Pennington Gap, VA 25 DUID, Refusal and Driving Suspended 10/29/14 C. Dillman
Kelly Lynn Myers Ewing, VA 35 DUID 11/13/14 D. Scholl
Heather Ann Clark Pennington Gap, VA 40 DUID 11/22/14 M. VanHuss
Hillary Lynne Bonham Jonesville, VA 31 DUID and Possession of schedule 4 & 3 12/2/14 C. Rouse
Lorin Michael Hargraves Rose Hill, VA 27 DUI, Furnish Alcohol to underage person and Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor 12/6/14 P. James
Natasha Brianne Figg Ben Hur, VA 30 DUID 12/11/14 T. Jones
Joe George Johnson, JR Pennington Gap, VA 31 DUI 12/27/14 C. Rouse
Joshua Adam Stiltner Jonesville, VA 28 DUID 12/29/14 J. Stiltner
Donald Webster Carter Jonesville, VA 48 DUID 01/09/15 T. Jones
Chad William Hill Jonesville, VA 26 DUI 01/26/15 J. Janeway
Danny Clay Ashley Jonesville, VA 28 DUID 02/15/15 T. Jones
Salina Shae Johnson Ewing, VA 24 DUID 03/11/15 C. Dillman
Jason Dale Moore Jonesville, VA 33 DUID/Refusal 04/01/15 T. Jones
George Chidres Jonesville, VA 35 DUI 04/04/15 M. VanHuss
John Robert Steen Pensocola, FL 59 DUI 04/04/15 T. Jones
Arnold Franklin Smith Jonesville, VA 58 DUI 04/05/15 C. Rouse
Edward James Jones Rose Hill, VA 36 DUID / Possession of ammunition & No operators license  04/07/15 C. Rose
Carla E. Walp Caryville, TN 44 DUID 04/11/15 T. Jones
David Lee Brown Pennington Gap, VA 52 Possession of Schedule II & DUID 04/12/15 C. Roue
Eden Marie Ritchie Jonesville, Va. 28 D. U. I .D  Driving  Suspended 04/18/15 T. Jones
Now available in audio book, paperback and eBook.  click here to listen to free 5 minute sample

Now available in audio book, paperback and eBook. click here to listen to free 5 minute sample