Washington: Lewis County jail crowded with bookings for DUI

The following persons were booked into the Lewis County Washington Jail on charges of DUI:
Olman Eliud Alverto-Lopez, on 10/1/11
Bruce Allen Armitage, on 10/7/11 held for trial, failed to appear DUI
Charles Kenneth Arnold, on 7/25/11 serving time
Jose Hilario Ayala Fuentes, on 6/4/11 serving time
Mark Allen Barrett, on 10/28/11 serving time
Manuel Edward Bolivar, on 9/11/11 DUI failed to appear
Janelle Lynn Butterfield, on 10/26/11 serving time
Jeremy Thomas Clark, on 8/8/11 serving time
Arne James Colberg, on 10/12/11 serving time
Benjamin Boyd Coleman, on 12/3/11 DUI failed to appear, no bail
Clark George Calvin Dixon, on 7/29/11 serving time
Camilo Artemio Gomez, on 7/21/11 serving time
Gilberto Soriano Hernadez, on 12/2/11 DUI and hold for ICE
Lloyd C. Hill, on 11/14/11 serving time
Ashley Elizabeth Howland, on 4/13/11 serving time
Joel Louis Kaech, on 10/6/11
Kevin Wesley King, on 10/26/11 serving time
Donald Bob Lindberg, 6/17/11 serving time
Richard Edward Melton, 5/18/11 serving time
Shane Alvn Mendoza, 8/16/11 serving time DUI, drive w/o req. ignition interlock
Patrick Orville Olmstead, 7/1/11 serving time
Enedino Perez Angel, 9/20/11 serving time hold for ICE
Alisa Faith Peterson, 10/19/11 serving time
Carlos Pioquinto-Flores, 5/29/11 serving time
Jason Brad Reynolds, on 3/9/11 serving time
Jay Alan Roden, 7/18/11 serving time
Richard Patrick Sanders, 11/19/11 serving time
Tina Marie Sharbutt, on 10/17/11 serving time
Fano Puapuaga Tofaeono, on 8/20/11 serving time
Noe Ivan Vallejo Montano, on 8/26/11 drive w/o ignition interlock, DUI, rape, elude
Lyle Roy West, on 8/9/11 no bail
Wayne Morris Williams, on 12/1/11 serving time
Benjamine David Winebrenner, on 10/21/11 serving time
Jacob Lamar Yeager, on 11/30/11 no bail DUI

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