California: Fresno Police say Randy Marin was driving drunk when Morgan Santor was killed; Randy tried to blame his DUI veteran dad

Randy Marin

From CBS 46
This was the scene at Palm and Clinton just after midnight on Thursday. Two cars were involved a crash. The rear passenger in one of them, 27-year old Morgan Santor, was killed. Police arrested another passenger, 50-year old Mark Marin, after he got out and ran.
“We know that Mark Marin has several priors for DUI and we located him later and he had injuries consisted with being in an accident,” said Lt. Tony Bennink of the Fresno Police Dept.
Officers believed Mark Marin was the driver because that’s what his son, Randy, told them. On Friday, investigators learned through witnesses it was actually Randy Marin who was driving this white car.
“That vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed and ran the red light,” said Lt. Bennink. …MORE
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