Georgia: Bibb County Judge Howard Simms bamboozeled bozo deputies; no charges for DUI in spite of over-the-limit breath test

Bibb Sheriff Jerry Modena says Bibb Superior Court Judge Howard Simms will face no charges related to a traffic stop late last month.
Simms was stopped at 9:30 p.m. during a road check September 22 on Lamar Road in west Bibb County.
Modena said Simms’ red Ford F150 pickup was stopped by a Douglas County deputy, who then smelled alcohol coming from the vehicle.
The deputy turned the matter over to a local officer, which is the usual procedure for those road checks, Modena said.
After the judge presented his license and identified himself, the sheriff said, the deputy called in Bibb deputies to take over.
Although Simms’ breathalyzer results were higher than the normal standard for driving under the influence ….MORE