Montana: Matthew Hollo enters guilty plea to killing Dr. Timothy R. Fangman while DUI

Flathead County Sheriff Chuck Curry

Flathead County Sheriff Chuck Curry

Flathead County Montana Sheriff Chuck Curry



From Flathead News Group:

A Columbia Falls man who allegedly killed a Nebraska man in a drunken head-on collision in Columbia Falls last

01/12/2016 — A Columbia Falls man who allegedly killed a Nebraska man in a drunken head-on collision in Columbia Falls last summer, has agreed to a plea bargain, according to Flathead County court documents.

Matthew Michael Hollo, 23, signed a plea agreement in December which could give him 10 years in prison in exchange for a guilty plea to a charge of vehicular homicide while under the influence.

Under the agreement with the Flathead County Attorney’s office, Hollo would get 30 years in the Montana State Prison with 20 years suspended with no parole restrictions. Hollo will also be responsible for any fines associated with the felony if he is found by the court to be able to pay. The charge comes with a maximum fine of $50,000.

Hollo will also be able to argue for a lesser sentence. But the court isn’t bound by the plea agreement and would be able to impose a stricter sentence.

The plea agreement also waives Hollo’s rights to testify, call witnesses and be tried by jury.

On June 6, Montana Highway Trooper Thomas Manz arrived at mile marker two on the North Fork Road over the viaduct in Columbia Falls. He found a head-on collision that had occurred at 3 p.m. had killed the northbound driver of a Toyota Land Cruiser.

Timothy R. Fangman, 68, of Omaha, Nebraska was declared dead at the scene. Fangman was a noted cardiologist.

Hollo was the other driver in a Dodge Ram pickup. He was treated for minor injuries at the scene. …MORE

Matthew Michael Hollo, 23, was intoxicated when he killed a Nebraska cardiologist. He has pleaded guilty.

Matthew Michael Hollo, 23, was intoxicated when he killed a Nebraska cardiologist. He has pleaded guilty.

From a classmate of Tim Fangman

Joe Hale informs us from Houston of Tim Fangman‘s death from an auto – truck accident June 6, 2015:

Timothy_FangmanI recently received an e-mail from Ann Reins Fangman (SMC ’68) in regard to the tragic death of her wonderful husband Tim in a vehicle accident on June 6, 2015.  I knew Tim from freshman year forward as he was on my wing of the third floor of Keenan.  He grew up in Omaha and graduated from Creighton Prep.   After Tim’s ND graduation he got his medical degree from Creighton and later spent a year or so at the Mayo Clinic before returning to his hometown of Omaha to practice cardiology.  (Tim’s dad is still living and is a well-known Omaha physician.)

Tim_Fangman_ND68yearbookTim was the only occupant in his SUV and was wearing his seat belt when his SUV (heading north above Columbia Falls, Montana to a cabin – near Glacier National Park) was hit head on by a truck that crossed over and struck the SUV on a viaduct. Alcohol and speed were factors in the accident. The other driver has been charged with motor vehicular homicide and is awaiting trial.

I last saw Tim and Ann after our 10th Year ND Reunion as I drove over to Omaha.  Tim and I traded a few e-mails during the last year or so.  I’ve circulated the news of Tim’s death to fellow Keenan and other ND classmates who knew him.  And my three-year ND roommate Tom Culcasi said his wife Judy (SMC ’68) would notify her SMC friends.  Gene “Skip” Schraeder replied that he could remember tiptoeing as his room in Keenan was close to Tim’s;  Skip didn’t want to jostle the needle while Tim’s stereo (once again) was playing Beach Boys recordings.   (I can’t think of a nicer way to disturb whatever peace existed in Keenan!)

Many really-nice comments in regard to Tim’s diligence and interest in his patients can be seen if you Google the obituary, etc. from the Omaha newspaper.  Tim was predeceased by his mother Jeanne and two granddaughters.  Along with Ann and Tim’s father, Tim is survived by a son, three daughters, 10 grandchildren, 3 brothers and 3 sisters.

From Flathead County Sheriff Chuck Curry:

Injuries and deaths resulting from people operating vehicles under the influence of alcohol or drugs are one of the most preventable tragedies in our society today.

This is unacceptable. Although drinking and driving is a societal problem, law enforcement agencies are often the last line of defense when it comes to preventing the worst from happening. We, however, cannot do it alone. It is not possible to catch every driver under the influence who may be on the road at any given moment. The Montana Legislature has toughened DUI laws over the years, which has helped to reduce the number of first-time and repeat offenders. Cultural awareness of the problem has also helped. Organizations such the Flathead County DUI Task Force, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Flathead CARE and STOP Underage Drinking in the Flathead; have helped to spread the word about lives ended too soon due to someone’s decision to get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol. The Flathead County Sheriff’s Office works with students in schools to understand the consequences of making bad decisions, including drinking and driving.

The enforcement of DUI laws is, of course, imperative and it is a responsibility that our agency takes very seriously. The deputies are dedicatedto the enforcement of these laws, and unfortunately, they stay very busy.

In 2011, 874 people were arrested for driving under the influence in Flathead County.