New Jersey: ABC officials revoke liquor license for hell-hole bar that served two who crashed and died after leaving Kashmir Gentlemen’s Club

Let’s see if the customers flock to this bar to see the girls if they can’t buy booze! Do bars have any responsibility for continuing to serve intoxicated patrons and then allowing them to stumble out in the parking lot and drive away?

From Courier-Post-Online

VINELAND – 2013-08-14— A local gentlemen’s club is temporarily losing its liquor license for serving alcohol to two underage Gloucester County men who were killed two years ago in an accident shortly after leaving there.

The New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control announced Tuesday that the premises of the Kashmir Gentlemen’s Club will be barred from having a liquor license for two years.

The license revocation is effective Sept. 5. Kashmir is at 3926 Weymouth Rd.

The division identified the licensees as David Glassman and Jack Paik, who operate as Davejoe LLC. Both men were found guilty on two counts each of serving alcohol to a person under the legal ….MORE