New York: Party gal Danielle Kellogg sent to slammer for 15 years for DWI murder of Baylee M. Dion

Danielle Kellogg killed baby in 2nd DUI sentenced to 15 years appeal rejected

Call to Action: Victim-  Baylee M. Dion, 7 months old deceased                                    Denise R. Hine, Injured Mother
Date of crash: November 27, 2012 at 9:05 A.M.
Offender: Danielle Kellogg, 24 years old, cocaine, marijuana and a BAC of @ least .13, has entered a plea of guilty to First degree Vehicular Manslaughter.  (Prior driving while ability impaired in 2009) The amounts of cocaine and marijuana in her system were very high…
Crash details: At  9:05 A.M. on Nov. 27, 2012 the car driven by Denise Hine was hit head-on in a violent crash by Danielle Kellogg.
Denise’s car was totally split in two. Beautiful Baylee’s carseat with Baylee was in the road. She was only 7 months old, a beautiful baby with gorgeous blue eyes. She never had a chance to experience the life ahead of her. Denise Hine was injured and spent several days in the hospital, only to learn her little baby was gone forever.

Baylee’s Mom and her Dad Scott loved her dearly. She also had a very large and loving family, including her loving siblings Ryan, Michelle and Ciera. Baylee’s 4 year old sister had just been dropped off at daycare.This crash could have also killed her too.

Sentencing date: May 22, 2013   Possible sentencing of a Minimum of 1 year-Maximum of 15 years. Family wants the maximum sentence!!
Letters ADDRESSED to:
Honorable Michael L. D’Amico County Court Judge, Part 7 Erie County Court Building 25 Delaware Avenue Buffalo, NY 14202
Letters must be SENT to MADD Erie County at the address listed below:   ALL letters will be given to the DA’s Office in a packet, and bound together for the Judge. This is crucial….
MADD, Erie County 40 North Forest Rd. Williamsville, NY 14221

Thank you for helping us get the maximum sentence for this offender that the family is requesting! Please send your letters as soon as possible. Danielle Kellogg has made several bad choices, this is not her first time! We would like to have them all together by May 3rd. Thanks again…

Beth Elizabeth A. Obad, President Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Erie County Chapter 40 North Forest Rd. Williamsville, N.Y. 14221 Phone: 716-565-6233 Fax:    716-839-9959