Oklahoma: Goofy Judge lets DUI killer Tyler Alred free on condition of going to church, wearing ankle braclet, no booze for 10 years

Tyler Alred: He must go to church weekly as part of his deferred sentence for manslaughter tied to a DUI crash that killed his friend
Tyler Alred
John Luke Dum, 16, was killed in crash, Alred admitted he was drinking

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Tyler Alred, from Muskogee, Oklahoma, was sentenced this week to probation, which included going to church every Sunday for the next 10 years, reports TulsaWorld.com.
Alred, 19, had been drinking when he accidentally killed a friend in a car accident. Alred plead guilty in August to manslaughter, but the judge decided to defer the conviction and gave him the unusual probation.
In addition to 10 years of church attendance, Alred has to wear an ankle bracelet …MORE

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