Virginia: Laura Rellins sentenced to three years and six months in prison for killing Ricky Dean Park in drunken midnight crash

Laura Rellins…from A student in college to learning the law of the jungle in prison…her father says her victim
that she killed was “asking for it”…

HARRISONBURG, Va — Laura Rellins will go to prison for three years and six months. Her father says the man she killed is partly to blame for this accident.
Her parents both took the witness stand today and they said their daughter was a straight-A student in high school, but when she got to college it all went downhill from there. Rellins admitted Tuesday that she has a serious alcohol problem and needs help. Now, she will spend three years and six months for killing Ricky Dean Park in a drunken crash.
Alycia Eldridge, the prosecutor in this case, said that amount of time will never bring justice to Parker’s family.
“I think that to put any number on when you lose a loved one is very difficult. I think that I’m happy, like I said, that the case is over and that she was found guilty and sentenced appropriately,” said Eldridge.
Parker was driving a moped along Route 42 when Rellins hit and killed him. Rellins father blamed Parker for driving a moped at night and said in court Tuesday that Parker was asking to get killed.
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