California: Brian Maloy’s party-time killed Carlos Sanchez & Chad Everett in head-on crash; DUI homicide charged

From Taft Midway Driller

Saturday’s fatal collision on Highway 119  was alcohol related and one of the drivers was arrested and charged with felony  driving under the influence and vehicular manslaughter, the California Highway  Patrol said.

Brian Dwayne Maloy, 31 of McKittrick was driving a Chevrolet Malibu  that the CHP said swerved into the path of a GMC Sierra pickup on Highway 119  just north of Dustin Acres Saturday.

Maloy was critically injured and airlifted to Kern Medical  Center.

He was placed under arrest for the two felony counts, the CHP  said

A front seat passenger in Maloy’s car and a front seat passenger in  the pickup were killed in the crash.

The passenger killed in the Malibu was 28-year old Carlos Sanchez ….MORE

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