Louisiana: RedstickNow lists recent DWI arrests Aug 11, 2013 — many are underage

From Redsticknow
Over the past week law enforcement officials arrested at least 18 underage drivers and charged them with driving while intoxicated.

Louisiana law defines underage DWI as operating any motor vehicle when the operator’s blood alcohol concentration is 0.02 percent or more by weight if the operator is under the age of 21.

Below is a list of those under the age of 21 who were arrested recently in Baton Rouge and a list of charges they face :

  • Michael Ciccone, 18, underage DWI, improper lane usage and driving over a median.
  • Maya English, 18, 11027 N. Oak Hills Park, Baton Rouge, first-offense DWI and speeding.
  • Jeffrey Moody, 18, 3781 Newsom Road, Clinton, underage DWI, improper lane usage and failure to signal while turning.
  • Dakota Richard, 19, 32590 Graham St., White Castle, underage DWI, simple obstruction of a highway and reckless operation.
  • Kyle Eccles, 19, 228 Ft Jackson St, Belle Chase, first-offense DWI, reckless operation, improper lane usage
  • Shea Ourso, 19, 2073 Wilow Glen Ave, Port Allen, underage DWI, careless operation
  • Alex Carruth, 19, 6262 Menlo Drive, Baton Rouge, first-offense DWI, disobeying a red light and improper lane usage.
  • Jack Dyer, 17, 5721 Hyacinth Ave., Baton Rouge, first-offense DWI, failure to maintain control, license plate required and improper lane usage.
  • Evan Kissinger, 18, 14535 Shenandoah Ave., Baton Rouge, first-offense DWI, driving left of center and reckless operation. …..MORE