Montana: Joe Seward announced his 5th DUI arrest over his cell phone then pleaded not guilty

Seward 5th DWI Billings Montana

Joseph Allan Seward

From Billings Gazette

A Billings man who witnesses said was driving a van that was “swerving  all over the road” was arraigned Friday on what prosecutors said is his fifth  drunken-driving offense.

Joseph Allan Seward, 45, appeared before District Judge Mary Jane Knisely and  pleaded not guilty to felony DUI. His bond was set at $10,000 after a prosecutor  said Seward was previously convicted of  DUI in 1990, 2000, and twice  in 2002.

Seward was arrested April 29 after witnesses called 911 to report a  Chevrolet Venture “swerving all over the road and cutting off other  drivers” on King Avenue West.

Officer found the van parked at a ….MORE