Texas: Denton Police Officer Andrew DeBerry and Denton Firefighter Brandon Galbraith both busted for DWI a day apart.

Denton Police

NOTICE TO OUR READERS: The public has a right to expect that a firefighter who is supposed to save you from a burning building is not on our highways driving drunk and that police officers who protect us from the actions of impaired drivers are also not driving impaired…or robbing banks…therefore, it is with great sadness to provide this story today…

From Denton Record-Chronicle

Two public servants are on paid leave after each was charged with driving while intoxicated in separate incidents, officials said.

Fort Worth police Sgt. Kelly Peel said Andrew DeBerry was arrested at 2:55 a.m. Saturday on FM156 on a DWI charge.

Officer Ryan Grelle, a Denton police spokesman, said DeBerry has been a police officer with the department for 15 years.

A day earlier, Denton police were arresting a Denton firefighter on the same charge.

Brandon Galbraith was charged….MORE