Maryland: State Police note new DWI arrests: Beware of the Ides of March

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The following persons were charged with DWI by the Maryland State Police in St. Mary’s County, Md.:
Joanna Rae Murray, 20, of Reisterstown on 3/8/12 by TFC G. A. Thompson

Charles Nickels Kilgore, 27, of Lexington Park on 3/9/12 by TFC M. J. Pitcher

Daniela Denise Wolf, 48, of California on 3/9/12 by Cpl. M. R. Grimes

Jacob Brendan Schroeder, 18, of Hollywood on 3/11/12 by TFC E. M. Evans

Lorrie Marie Mayor, 20, of Chaptico on 3/11/12 by TFC B. T. Wiesemann

Jeffrey Glenn Burch, 37, of Lexington Park on 3/11/12 by TFC R. L. Jackson

Maurice Curtis Brown, 35, of St. Leonard on 3/11/12 by TFC J. A. Pilkerton

Michael Francis Knecht, 38, of La Plata on 3/13/12 by TFC M. J. Pitcher

John Hampton Robinson, Jr., 27, of Lusby on 3/14/12 by TFC E. M. Evans

Joseph Robert Keys, 48, of Brandywine on 3/14/12 by TFC E. R. Mersman